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Fiber analysis can determine how healthy food really is

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Fiber analysis can determine how healthy food really is

Foss Fiber determination systems are used to analyze different kinds of fibers ranging from crude fiber to detergent fiber and dietary fiber. The Foss systems are some of the best on the marked and meet high quality standards such as ISO, EC and AOAC.

Fiber analysis is important for many reasons. For humans a fiber rich diet is often praised as a simple way to live a healthy life and fiber is also associated with weight loss and lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. How ever, many people do not know why fiber is so healthy. Do you?

Fiber is found in mainly fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Your body actually does not absorb or digest fibers, however the fibers pass through your body more or less relatively intact.

The fibers have many healthy benefits such as normalization of bowl movements, which helps constipation; fiber helps maintain general bowl health and lowers the risk of hemorrhoids. Fibers can also help lower your cholesterol level by lowering the levels of so-called ”bad cholesterol levels”. Further more fiber can help control blood sugar levels since it slows the absorption of fibers and thus improve blood sugar levels.

On a more general level high fiber foods take longer to eat thus prolonging chewing time and the overall time of a meal, which can result in eating less.

Foss Fiber analysis systems can help determining quantitative levels in dietary fibers, which in turn makes it possible to label foods for consumers interested in high level fiber foods.

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